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Hablux Global Resources Limited is a company based in Lagos, Nigeria, Having over 10 years of experience in providing innovative products and personal, efficient service.

3D Wall panels are a new, high quality, artistic, durable and environmentally friendly product taking interior design to a higher level. With a great design concept originating in the United States of America, 3D Wall Panels is the beginning of a new trend of wall furnishings and design. Feature walls are no longer restricted to a mere splash of color. 3D Wall Panels provides a cost effective way to create just the right atmosphere in any room of your home or business.

3D Wall Panels is constructed primarily from Plant Fibre utilising environmentally friendly technology for a cleaner, greener, product. At a time when environmental impact is at the forefront of everyone’s minds here is a product that provides high quality, interior decoration possibilities that will enhance, not harm, the environment.

The design applications of 3D Wall Panels are limited only by your imagination and can be utilised to create eye-catching feature walls or a more subtle and subdued atmosphere of elegance and refinement.

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Despite the fact that we are dedicated to given you the best quality, our prices are quite affordable and cheap compared to any where else, we belive in quality and durable services all coming to you at the best price. check out our pricing in the table below!

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Having worked for many clients all over Nigeria over the years, we have acquired tangible experiences which has earned us various positive recommendations from lots of our clients. so you don't need to worry, you can trust us for your next project.

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Hablux Global Resources Limited does not comprises of experienced engineers alone, but we have good, friendly and deligent customer support representatives, who are ready to answer all your questions and queries anytime anyday, below are the Mobile numbers and email you could use when you need our help.

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Outstanding Quality

Over the years we have received alot of praise from different clients all over the world about our quality service.

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Affordable Price

Not only about quality, but also affordability, our 3d panels are of good quality and at the same time affordable

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We received various recommendations from lots of our clients. so you can trust us for your next project.

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Good Support

We also have good customer support representatives, whom are ready to help you anytime, below

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